The FREEDOM ® Total Knee System was developed using advanced design engineering technologies and extensive clinical experience to address the anatomical,   physiological and lifestyle needs of today's patients. 

The system's significant design advances allow patients to achieve optimal high-flexion motion regardless of whether the all-polyor metal-backed tibial component is chosen. 

It requires minimum bone cutting and enables conservative bone resection.

It provides high-flexion and is a USFDA-approved and CE-certified knee implant.

Partial Knee - System Overview

     Highlights of the Freedom Partial Knee, a bone-conserving uni featuring an inlay tibia.

Modern Design Paradigm

      Integrated design approach to account for modern global needs.

Partial Knee - Sizing Chart

      Tibial and Femoral Sizing Chart.

Partial Knee - Surgical Technique with Sawbones

       Step-by-step review of the surgical technique for the Freedom Partial Knee using Maxx’s core instrument system.

Partial Knee - Streamlined Instrumentation

       The Freedom Partial Knee’s instrumentation has been designed with the modern practice in mind.

Primary Knee System Family Overview

     Introduction to the Freedom Total Knee Family including summary of product and featured and design approach.

Primary Knee System Overview  

       Highlights and product specific information for Freedom Primary Knee

Primary Knee - Sizing Chart

       Freedom Primary Knee System Sizing and Compatibility Chart.

Primary Knee - Instrumentation Guide

       Overview of Freedom Primary Knee instruments that feature intuitive design to naturally follow and logically support surgical flow.

Primary Knee Design Rationale - Modern Design Paradigm

      Integrated design approach to account for modern global needs.

Primary Knee Design Rationale - Full Assembly

     Delivers high flexion while conserving bone.

Primary Knee Design Rationale - Early Hi Flex Result

     Dr. Asit Shah shares early results for High Flex TKA featuring the freedom Knee.

Primary Knee Design Rationale - Femoral Components

Primary Knee Surgical Technique

   Step-by-step instruction on surgical technique for the Freedom Primary Knee.

Primary Knee - Technique and Tips (Video)

Primary Knee Surgical Technique - CR Freedom Primary Knee (Video)

    A cruciate retaining Freedom Knee surgery using a classical technique providing excellent visibity.

Primary Knee Surgical Technique - Radiology Review (Video)

     Dr. Matanky performs a PS Freedom Knee Surgery using a clasical approach providing providing visibility.

Primary Knee Clinical Evidence - Component Design and Early Result 

    Reconstructive Review article an Freedom Primary Knee Study show component sizing and functional results achieved and confirmed with patient.

Clinical Evaluation of Efficacy and performance of All-Poly Tibial Freedom Total Knee System

     Freedom Total Knee System clinical Evaluation prove solid results with range of motion, Reduced postoperative stiffness, and improved functionality.

Performance of the Freedom Knee The 5 year follow up study

    Result of continuous study of patients at 5 year postoperative time show optimum safety,  performance and efficacy.

Revision Knee System Overview  PCK Revision - System Overview

     Overview of the New Freedom PCK System

Stemmed Tibia - System Overview

     Overview of Maxx’s Stemmed Tibia, Compatible with Freedom primary femurs as well as Freedom PCK revision     femurs to provide the most flexibility

PCK Revision - Sizing Chart

    Size Charts for femoral components tibial liners, and femoral augments for PCK Revision System.

Revision Knee Design Rationale - PCK Think Outside the Box

       Learn about the patented box design of the PCK which allows for progresive constraint.

Tech Brief: PCK Femoral Condylar Technology

      Delivers high flexion while conserving bone.

Stemmed Tibia Rationale

     Learn about the flexibility of the Freedom stemmed tibia component, augments, juntions and stems.

OR Friendly PCK Instrumentation

     The PCK is able to deliver its benefits with an OR friendly intrument kit.

Freedom PCK Revision - Surgical Technique

     Surgical Technique guide for Freedom PCK Revision system

Addedum to PCK - Instructions for offsetting the femoral component

   Update to Freedom PCK Revision Surgical Technique to include specifics for offsetting the femoral component.

Stemmed Tibia - Surgical Technique

    Surgical Technique information for the Freedom stemmed tibia component.

PCK Revision - Surgical Technique Cadaver Lab  (Video)

   Highlights of the recent cadaver lab conducted by Dr. Carl Becker & Dr. Ast Shah.

PCK Revision - Surgical Technique with Saw Bones

    Step-by-step review of the surgical technique for the Freedom PCK using Maxx’s OR friendly instrument system.

Initial Review of PCK Cases

     X-Ray review of 3 early Freedom PCK cases.

Stemmed Tibia for Severe Trauma

     Total knee replacement with extended tibial rod due to extent of injury on left Knee.
Patient has full range or motion postoperative and walking without aid.

Revision of Total Knee due to Aseptic Loosening

      51 year old female patient with unstable knee replacement receives revision knee and shows steady improvement postoperative and no signs of instability.

Revision of Total Knee after Broken Post in a Septic Posterior Stabilized Total Knee

      64 year old female with prior TKA receives revision knee and reports no pain postoperative.

Two Stage Revision TKR in a case of infected Primary TKR

74 year old female with infected TKR receives Revision Knee and receives