Micro Power Negative Presure Wound Therapy (MPNPWT)

Micro Power Negative Presure Wound Therapy (MPNPWT) dressing
is a medical polymer biomaterial with strong hydrophilic groups that has super absorptive capacity and can generate micro power and negative pressure.
It can absorb wound exudate very quickly, improve wound blood circulation, eliminate swelling, promote the growth of epithelial cells and granulation, and is suitable for the treatment of various types of wounds.

Working Principle

  • Remove exudates and blood rapidly from the wound.

  • Produce local vacuum negative pressure on the wound surface.

Meiji MPNPWT Dressing (MJ-01)

  • Able to provide OVERALL absorption of exudates fluid and blood.
  • The dressing that has the HIGHEST absorption volume,  absorption rate and liquid retention time in the world.
  • A super absorbent dressing that can absorb over 10  20  TIMES exudates  of its own weight.

Membrane Layer

Vacum Sealing irrigation Wound Therapy Kit (VSIWT KIT)

By using a medical polymer sponge as the intermediary between drainage tube and wound surface which is sealed with biological semipermeable membrane, VSIWT forms a closed drainage system driven by vacuum machine.   Negative presure can take away wound exudate timely and eciently.

The Denition of VSIWT KIT

For abscess and infected wounds that have large amount of exudate,
drainage tube is left inside the material (foam).